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Some positive news at last making our lives a little more bearable during the Corona Virus pandemic lockdown..

More people are opening their homes to neglected and unwanted animals due to having more time to look after and train them, courtesy of forced isolation and social distancing.

As a result, pets are being walked more than ever as people look for things to do – and the relationship is mutually beneficial. Studies show that the companionship a pet offers is a great way to reduce anxiety and stress, along with lifestyle benefits such as exercise when walking a dog, and routine.

Tamara Wrigley, who is an ambassador for PTSD Dogs Australia says while dogs and cats are the most popular, other animals such as rabbits, birds and guineapigs are also finding their furever homes.

“It’s heart-warming to see that so many shelters have been inundated with calls and adoption requests over the last few weeks,” she says. “While we’re in isolation, it’s the perfect time for people who have been considering getting a pet, or adding a new one to the fold, to find their new family member.

“People now have more time to dedicate to them when it comes to love, walks and training, meaning the animals thrive. Most of them have had a horrible start in life, but with time and love really come into their own and give so much love and joy.”

Tamara, who is also a fashion advocate for Myer Brisbane, rescued her cat, Oscar, from SCARS, and can talk about the dos and don’ts when getting a rescue pet as well as looking after fur babies in isolation.